Here are some older photographs from the past years.

A house burned down years and years ago.  They say that in the old days, farmers would come out here and measure the height of the weeds within the fireplace to see if it would be a good year in harvesting.   I hope this is a true story because it’s pretty awesome.  I took this for one of my first black and white photo classes years ago.  It’s still one of my absolute favorite pictures.  One of my teachers suggested I burn out the flower in the foreground, but somehow it seems like it has a point being there to me.

Brasil  – So many years ago.  I went to a fazenda with my parents before they became missionaries in Brazil.  This is one of the photos I took while vacationing during the missionary field council.  I’ll always remember this place as a beautiful and relaxing little heaven.

I spent a couple of hours in a rain storm trying to get a picture of lightening.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a tripod, so you can see a little shake in the picture.  I still think this is one of the coolest photos I have take because, who gets a picture of lightening?!

I used to be a ballet dancer, but now I enjoy capturing the moments of intense study of the art.  After Black Swan, I think people can kind of understand the crazy feeling that dancers go through to be perfect.  You never are perfect, but you always strive to be so.

Another one of my fav photos taken.  This was inside the church I grew up in and it reminds me of sneaking up into the balcony area and getting to watch everyone on the main floor of the church.

Here sits Mark watching videos of In-N-Out Burger to become a good associate of the company.  I love this picture for two reasons: 1) How great does InO show their logo on the hats?!, and 2) it shows the lovely buns ready to be unwrapped and turned into the best burger you could eat.  I think they are better than burgers you buy at a sit down restaurant.  Being an InO associate, I could tell you how the buns take almost a day to make instead of hours, but really…the taste tells you how amazing these puppies are.

This farm doesn’t exist anymore in Kingsburg, CA.  Now it’s a suburb.  I remember the days of small town Kingsburg with just stop signs instead of stop lights and mom and pop shops.  These are the stories I’ll tell my children.

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