A few weeks ago, my buddy Timmy and I drove up to Sky Harbor (a small road past Table Mountain Casino north east of Fresno) to get some sunset photos. It was a chill trip with lots of conversation and arguing about how to set up the tripod on the roof of my car. 😀 I love some of these photos, but it also made me realize that I have quite a bit of learning to do on how to take two photos at different exposures and then transpose them together so that you can get both the sky and the ground to come out exposed properly. There is always something I’m learning as I continue this photo journey of mine! But I did find the photos with the silhouette of the ground and setting sun to be my favorite. Leave a comment on any suggestions for making these better! Also, for the Star Wars nerds – don’t some of these photos make you think of Tatooine?!

And as always, I hope you enjoy this sunset photos.

Posted by:Meg

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