A few weeks ago, we got a pretty massive heat wave in the Central Valley of California, so I decided to take a trip to the coast for one night. Left before it turned 100 degrees F and came home after it dipped below 100 degrees the next day. 🙂

The trip was a mix of a lot of fun, and exhaustion. Got a cheap motel and paid for it with lack of sleep due to a baby crying next door all night. The poor mom looked worse than me the next morning. However, it got me up at 5:30 to take morning photos off the pier, which was really nice because I got to meet some sea lion buddies!

I also drove up the Santa Cruz coast to get sunset photos, not realizing that Santa Cruz Faces north to south, not east to west. Doh! Haha. It was fine though because I found some random spots that I wasn’t expecting along a random drive.

Hope you enjoy my photographic journey through Santa Cruz – Part One.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk


Posted by:Meg

One thought on “Santa Cruz – Part One

  1. These are so great! Reminds me of when I was a kid. Santa Cruz must be the sailboat capital of the world.

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