As previously stated in Part One, I didn’t get much sleep the night I stayed in Santa Cruz, but that made it so I was able to get these quiet morning shots from the pier/wharf before the town started to wake up. I’m a lover of fog, so it was nice to see it rolling through the ships anchored along the coast. The sea lions were so loud and cute! Barking at each other and laying around like they just ate a big meal. One in particular was trying to perch on a wood ledge, but kept falling off. It was pretty entertaining to watch!

After I packed up my stuff from the hotel, I went Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park which was like a fairy land. I don’t think the photos turned out that great compared to what it looked like in real life, but it was magical none the less.

Only have on more post of Santa Cruz photos after this one. Enjoy!

Early Morning Shots from the Pier and Night Shots of the Pier

Henry Cowell State Park

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