Taking landscape or still life photos is relatively easy for me in terms of just pulling out the camera and taking a shot, but put me in a situation where there are people about, and I’m a nervous wreck! I feel uncomfortable and intrusive if I’m taking photos in public without people’s permission to do so. But funnily enough, I really love street photography and find that human beings in a photo make it more interesting and tells a story. So to push myself to get more comfortable with taking photos of people, I decided to go to the 6th anniversary of a Goldstein’s Mortuary and Delicatessen (a craft beer bar in Fresno,CA). They called the anniversary party “Beerning Man” (a spin off of Burning Man) and people definitely dressed the part! They also hired aerial artists from Aerial Arts Fresno to dance over the bar and in a giant metal contraption out on the patio later in the evening. It was quite the show!

It took a lot of guts, but I finally started asking if I could take people’s photo and I really loved how those turned out! I also got to connect to a couple of photographers to get tips on how to take photos in that environment. Having a flash would have helped immensely, but since I didn’t have one, a lot of the photos (especially inside) were very grainy because I had to hike up the ISO so much. But I like to think it adds a bit of grittiness that was also a theme of the night. Hope you enjoy this collection!

Posted by:Meg

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