Oh man I wrote a whole entry and then my internet went out and I lost everything. *facepalm* So let’s try this again! A few weeks ago, I met up with an old coworker buddy of mine who’s hobby is smoking meats! You can find him on Instagram at @theflatlinebbq. We decided to do a little collaboration. He would smoke the meats, and I would photograph the end result. It was a hectic shoot because it was his daughter’s birthday and he was carving super fast to get the food out to family. But though nothing got “staged”, I think the photos ended up turning out pretty well. Smoked brisket and multiple whole chickens got sliced, diced, and ready to consume for the whole family! I used a sigma 100mm macro lens and stood over the kitchen counter on a step stool for most of the photos. I really like the texture of food photography. 🙂 Hope these photos make you drool! And if you’re vegetarian, you might want to skip out on this particular post.

Posted by:Meg

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