My husband and I headed up to California’s High Sierra’s to go camping for vacation this summer. For those local, Ward Lake is between Florence Lake and Edison Lake on the Kaiser Pass. It’s near Mono Hot Springs so gets a little hot spring water in it which makes it super nice to swim in even though the elevation is high. It’s also a natural lake! And nobody has been able to determine the depth of it. It is a smallish lake however, and motor boats aren’t allowed on it. Perfect or a peaceful time camping with only about 12 camp sites surrounding the area. The lake is also buffeted by a big granite mountain that looks like it’s been sheered in half. The views are gorgeous, the area generally quiet, and lots of hiking opportunities around the area. Plus a 20 minute drive gets you to Mono where you can relax in some natural hot springs.

So that is all the positive stuff about Ward, but let’s talk about this trip in particular. If you remember a few posts back, I had gone to Shaver Lake where the area had been affected by the Creek Fire. Unfortunately, Ward got hit too. I had assumed since the camp sites were open according to the Sierra National Forest website, that it hadn’t burned, but the back mountain, and surrounding areas EXCEPT for the campsites had been burned. It was heart breaking to see. But honestly as you will see from the photos, the place is still incredibly beautiful, and some growth has come back. It was worth going, even with the damage and bear encounters.

I believe during this photo editing session, is when I started to learn how to use Adobe Lightroom. Hope you enjoy these photos!

Day One

Day Two

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