I had a feeling that this might happen. When I initially started taking my 365 photo-a-day challenge, I wasn’t working and would be off work for the next 5 months. Then in August, I started working again, and you can see the drop off of posts at that point. I’m still taking my photo-a-day plus more, but there are quite a few more iPhone photos now instead of my Canon camera. Mostly because I can’t take many photos at work, and since I work 12 hour shifts with an hour daily commute, I don’t have the time to actually go out to take a photo, and generally just get a snapshot of my day. Which I guess is what the whole point of this project is! A snapshot of a day in my life.

But I’m bummed that I haven’t had time to post photo entries on here, so I’m going to try my best to put out at least weekly posts again. I’m going to go get my hair did (as my husband says :-D) and come back on here to update it today. Stay tuned!

Posted by:Meg

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