Over the past few months, the area where I live has been having a protest to protect an old theater that has been a staple of this community for decades. A church has been in the process of buying the theater, but that has stirred up multiple issues with people in the area. There are now three different groups of people protesting every Sunday morning at the theater for different reasons. The biggest reason for the protests, is to not have the theater block rezoned for a church, because there are multiple business on that block that may suffer if the commercial zoning was changed. But like I said, there are multiple reasons why people are upset over this issue and hoping that the protests make a difference.

It was interesting to take photos of this situation. I was confronted by people because they thought I was on a certain side. I was asked not to take photos of people’s faces even though it was a public setting (I did not take any photos of the people who requested). And I got a tiny glimpse of what life as a photojournalist would look like. Always thought that would be what kind of photographer I’d be if I did it professionally, but it was more than a little intimidating doing it in real time.

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