I had the pleasure of getting to photograph a rehearsal for the album release show of The Jules Winnfield. It was in the basement of an art studio and sounded so amazing! I went with black and white photos, because the basement was so dark that the photos ended up turning pretty grainy due to using a high ISO. I felt like the graininess looked better with black and white instead of color. These were taken with my Canon Rebel T2i (before I got the new R6).

You should definitely check out the band! It’s a jazz/heavy metal fusion sound that really slams!

You can buy the album here – https://thejuleswinnfield.bandcamp.com/releases or stream it on Spotify. Or do both and support the band!

Band members – Tony Montanez on drums, Chris Janzen on guitar, Otto Lee on saxophone, Greg Baisch on bass, Max Hembd on trumpet, and my husband Spee Kosloff on upright bass!

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