Headed to Sonora and then Columbia, CA in search of large stained glass and a last vacation before my partner in crime started teaching again this Fall. We got to mine for gold, take professional “old timey” photos, hang with a friend who was in town at the same time, and do our first “Escape Room” adventure! Walking around Columbia Historic State Park was interesting because I had been there as a child on a field trip, but had never experienced it as an adult. I had this California Ghost Town book I found at a thrift store that had a whole chapter on The Mother Lode area, so I dug in to get a little history before perusing the streets of a ghost town converted into a State Park. Man, that was a brutal time in history.

I think my favorite part was having a blacksmith etch our last name into a horseshoe that will be hung in the backyard. The photos of that moment were particularly good. I didn’t get a whole lot of photos this trip, but it was still a fun adventure!

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