One of my favorite days of the year is Record Store Day, and this year did not disappoint. After two years of not being able to actually go into a record store for the momentous day, I got to experience it full on with music, food, and vinyl buffs I’ve gotten to know through a weekly livestream on Instagram. Tower District Records is such a great spot to sift through old and new records, and there employees are super knowledgeable about music. This was such a beautiful and fun day! And boooy did I make out with some great records. 🙂

Posted by:Meg

One thought on “Record Store Day – April 2022

  1. Love these! I really love when you take pictures of Spee. You can see the love in your pictures. Did you know we bought Emilie a record player for her birthday? She already had some used records she had purchased. Like aunt, like niece!

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