The Last Dregs of +

When I did the 365 photo a day challenge, I took a ton of photos that didn’t get selected to be the photo of the day. Historically, they have gone under my “+” posts and are just an oddball collection of things I took during the day. As I’m getting close to the end of those, and I’d rather focus on posting projects instead of random photos, I’m going to do a final photo dump of everything I took till the end of my 365 photo a day challenge.

This is going to be a long one. And I hope you enjoy!

Oh man that was a lot!! It’s fun to go back through and see all the photos I’ve taken over the course of a year. Especially with something so momentous as buying our first home. But also the amount of learning and growth I have done! Color editing, portraiture, and just capturing moments. It’s quite a collection. 🙂


One response to “The Last Dregs of +”

  1. Mom Avatar

    The Christmas ones are my favorites!
    Love you,

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