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  • The Jules Winnfield – Debut Album Show

    The Jules Winnfield – Debut Album Show

    To follow up my rehearsal post, here is the actual show for The Jules Winnfield debut album – Fraxinus. It was such an entertaining night with great music and great friends! The show was at a nursery in Prather, CA, and although heavy smoke filled the air due to forest fires, it lifted enough to…

  • + Part Fourteen

    + Part Fourteen

    Heeeeere we go with some more EXTRA photos I took while doing my 365 day photo challenge. I’m particularly happy with this set! Enjoy!

  • The Jules Winnfield – Basement Rehearsal

    The Jules Winnfield – Basement Rehearsal

    I had the pleasure of getting to photograph a rehearsal for the album release show of The Jules Winnfield. It was in the basement of an art studio and sounded so amazing! I went with black and white photos, because the basement was so dark that the photos ended up turning pretty grainy due to…

  • Ward Lake – Part Five

    Ward Lake – Part Five

    Day Six and the end of our journey at Ward Lake. It’s always bittersweet to come home, but except for some bear activity, we had such a wonderful trip! Can’t wait for the snow to melt so that we can go back next summer. 😀

  • UNCO


    Unapologetic Coterie I found the best – THE BEST hair stylist ever. He’s creative, puts the time in, and has the chicest salon I’ve ever sat in. He took me from box dyed black hair to platinum blonde, and I’m forever indebted. ❤ This was one of those days I got to get my roots…

  • Ward Lake – Part Four

    Ward Lake – Part Four

    Day five at Ward Lake, I got to hike around a bit and see the mountainside from different vantages. It was a beautiful day! Hope you enjoy these photos.

  • Ward Lake – Part Three

    Ward Lake – Part Three

    Part three of Ward Lake. Critters and burned forest. Day Four

  • + Part Twelve

    + Part Twelve

    You know the drill!! If it’s a “+” post, that means I’m sharing all the excess photos I took while doing the 365-photo-a-day-challenge. Lots of bugs in this one. Hope you enjoy!

  • Tower Theater “No ReZone” Protests

    Tower Theater “No ReZone” Protests

    Over the past few months, the area where I live has been having a protest to protect an old theater that has been a staple of this community for decades. A church has been in the process of buying the theater, but that has stirred up multiple issues with people in the area. There are…

  • + Part Eleven

    + Part Eleven

    It’s been almost 2 months since I posted a photo entry on this website! I have a ton of photos saved, so I’ll (hopefully) be scheduling many posts in the next few weeks. The Ward Lake Series needs to be posted, as well as quite a few other things I got to be a part…

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