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  • Grazin Rose

    Grazin Rose

    Food photography is an incredibly interesting and challenging way of taking photos. It’s something that I aspire to do, but in my practicing of it, I haven’t felt like I’ve caught that something that makes it look great. I think part of it is that I’m not setting up food to take photos like you’d…

  • + Part Eleven

    + Part Eleven

    It’s been almost 2 months since I posted a photo entry on this website! I have a ton of photos saved, so I’ll (hopefully) be scheduling many posts in the next few weeks. The Ward Lake Series needs to be posted, as well as quite a few other things I got to be a part…

  • The Flatline BBQ

    The Flatline BBQ

    Oh man I wrote a whole entry and then my internet went out and I lost everything. *facepalm* So let’s try this again! A few weeks ago, I met up with an old coworker buddy of mine who’s hobby is smoking meats! You can find him on Instagram at @theflatlinebbq. We decided to do a…

  • Photo-a-Day Challenge Days 91-100

    Photo-a-Day Challenge Days 91-100

    Can you believe I made it to 100 consecutive days taking a photo!? I barely can! There have been pros and cons to starting this project, but overall something I have really, really enjoyed doing. It’s helped me grow as a photographer, and also realize how much more learning I have to do! Almost every…

  • Photo-a-Day Challenge Days 81-90

    Photo-a-Day Challenge Days 81-90

    Another Monday 10 day post! I was pleasantly pleased with this set of days. I think around day 100 I was getting discouraged, but looking back I can see that a lot of photos turned out nicely. Hope you enjoy! 81/365 – 5.19.21 I Trespassed Shot with Canon Rebel T2i; edited in photoshop/lightroom; Fresno, CA…

  • Photo-a-Day Challenge Days 71-80

    Photo-a-Day Challenge Days 71-80

    Another ten day drop of my 365 photo-a-day challenge! I hope you are enjoying these Monday posts. 71/365 ā€“ 5.9.21 Ramos Torres Winery Shot with Canon Rebel T2i; edited in photoshop/lightroom; Kingsburg, CA 72/365 ā€“ 5.10.21 Mask Up, Fresno Shot with Canon Rebel T2i; edited in photoshop/lightroom; Tower District, Fresno, CA 73/365 ā€“ 5.11.21 Cue…

  • +  Part Five

    + Part Five

    Recap! Iā€™m doing a 365 photo a day challenge, but I always have extra photos that didn’t make the cut. I lovingly call these my “+” photos. Every few days, I’ll post all the “+” photos in one post. Here we go!

  • Pesto in the Making

    Pesto in the Making

    My husband made fresh pesto from the basil in the garden. I decided to try to capture the process using my new macro lens.

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