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  • Fourth Anniversary – Part One – Casanova Restaurant

    Fourth Anniversary – Part One – Casanova Restaurant

    My husband and I decided to go to Carmel-by-the-Sea for one night for our four year anniversary trip. It was a blissful two days, and even though I made all the reservations the day before we left, everything turned out just right. From the hotel which had a private balcony and fireplace, to the restaurant…

  • The Flatline BBQ

    The Flatline BBQ

    Oh man I wrote a whole entry and then my internet went out and I lost everything. *facepalm* So let’s try this again! A few weeks ago, I met up with an old coworker buddy of mine who’s hobby is smoking meats! You can find him on Instagram at @theflatlinebbq. We decided to do a…

  • Pesto in the Making

    Pesto in the Making

    My husband made fresh pesto from the basil in the garden. I decided to try to capture the process using my new macro lens.

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