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  • Santa Cruz – Black and White

    Santa Cruz – Black and White

    After I had finished editing the photos from this trip, I thought I’d change some of them to black and white to see how they would look. I was not disappointed! There is something about black and white photos that I love so much. And it makes me giddy when I realize that some photos…

  • Photo-a-Day Challenge Days 91-100

    Photo-a-Day Challenge Days 91-100

    Can you believe I made it to 100 consecutive days taking a photo!? I barely can! There have been pros and cons to starting this project, but overall something I have really, really enjoyed doing. It’s helped me grow as a photographer, and also realize how much more learning I have to do! Almost every…

  • Santa Cruz – Part Three

    Santa Cruz – Part Three

    As previously stated in Part One, I didn’t get much sleep the night I stayed in Santa Cruz, but that made it so I was able to get these quiet morning shots from the pier/wharf before the town started to wake up. I’m a lover of fog, so it was nice to see it rolling…

  • Santa Cruz – Part One

    Santa Cruz – Part One

    A few weeks ago, we got a pretty massive heat wave in the Central Valley of California, so I decided to take a trip to the coast for one night. Left before it turned 100 degrees F and came home after it dipped below 100 degrees the next day. 🙂 The trip was a mix…

  • San Diego Part Two

    San Diego Part Two

    Part Two – photo session of my last two days in San Diego. Coronado Island, Balboa Park, Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

  • San Diego Part One

    San Diego Part One

    Part One – photographs from my week in San Diego for a work conference

  • Oldies But Goodies Part Two

    Oldies But Goodies Part Two

    I get to borrow my dad’s Canon DSLR for awhile so I’m going to use it as much as possible before I have to give it back!  Here are some recent photos of adventures I’ve been on. Grapevine – Vineyards always remind me of home since I grew up in a small town surrounded by…

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